Structured Content, Unleashed

Heretto's Generative AI Breakthrough for Technical Documentation

It's time to make structured content accessible to everyone. 

That's why we're introducing a series of AI initiatives designed to help technical writers, at every level, create exceptional documentation.

Download our white paper to learn how Heretto is building the first end-to-end structured content solution with AI


Etto, the Heretto Copilot -  a powerful digital assistant designed for Heretto CCMS.


HelpAI - an intelligent agent that is directly integrated with our powerful content delivery system, the Heretto Deploy API. 

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How we're revolutionizing structured content with AI

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Faster Content Creation

Write high quality content in less time with Etto, the Heretto Copilot. Rely on your trusty digital assistant to author, revise, and refactor content faster than before. 

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Approachable DITA Authoring

Shorten the learning curve. Etto helps users create structured content and implement best practices for documentation. 

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Smarter Self-Service

Let your content do the talking with HelpAI. Our intelligent agent answers questions for your end users by sourcing directly from your CCMS. 

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Next-Gen Personalization

Take your content personalization capabilities into the future with HelpAI. Power your structured content to deliver personalized answers in real-time conversation with end users.  

Don't miss out on Heretto's AI enabled features!

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