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Introducing Etto, the Heretto Copilot

Generative AI for Heretto CCMS

Unleash this DITA savvy pup on your documentation.  

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structured content

Structured Content for All

Etto is here to help you learn and implement structured content in real-time– beginners and experts alike use Etto to create exceptional documentation across users, projects, and teams.

boost productivity

Boost Productivity

Etto assists with the time-consuming tasks of technical writing, like writing a document summary or formatting a table, freeing up more time to work on high-value activities.

improve consistency

Improve Content Consistency

Etto is well-trained in DITA and the rules that govern structured content, so your team can use it to assist with strong content consistency across users.

Meet Your New Best Friend

Etto is the technical writer’s trusted expert, assisting in creating and managing exceptional documentation, and ready to fetch exceptional documentation results at your command. Unleash the power of Etto and let this DITA-savvy pup be your trusted sidekick in achieving documentation excellence.

etto and docs

Etto's Favorite Tricks

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Create a populated table

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Insert a short description

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Convert a paragraph into a list

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Make a paragraph more concise

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Adjust the tone of your content

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Fix a validation error

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Find and replace within a doc

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Update a doc with service ticket info

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Analyze content and suggest metadata tags


 Semantically enrich pasted content


 And more!

Etto FAQs

How is Etto trained?

Etto was trained on a large amount of natural language, including samples of structured content and authoring, so it can converse with users effectively and understand instructions. Etto uses multiple models that are chosen based on the command to best suit the user's context and task. 

Is my data secure?

All AI data is contained entirely within Heretto's infrastructure so your data stays yours. 

Who can use Etto?

Etto is currently in Private Beta testing and is only available to current customers on the latest version of Heretto CCMS. 

When will Etto and HelpAI be available to all customers?

Early 2024

Sign up for the future of structured content authoring 

Etto will be available to all customers in 2024. Sign up for the wait list to be one of the first members to get beta access!

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